About Us

Established in 2002 Actec is a complete provider of interlocking, door automation and security solutions for the Biotech, Pharmaceutical, Medical Devices and Healthcare Sectors in Ireland. Our clients are leading global companies who trust not only our knowledge and experience, but our ability to specify and build the best possible solution to meet their exact requirement. The key to our ongoing success is our ability to constantly innovate by developing new products with the latest technologies.

Currently Actec are engaged with manufacturers from across Europe, Ireland and the UK and a lot of emphasis is placed on these manufacturer relationships to ensure transparent communication between the factory and the customer. With installation crews across Ireland, the UK and Europe, Actec have the capacity to engage with customers on a multi-location basis to give a consistent level of technical support and to minimise any potential down time caused by breakdowns.

This strong emphasis on quality and speed to market has seen Actec grow from strength to strength, and the very high level of staff retention shows that highly trained and highly valued engineers are very important to the future growth of Actec.


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